Who We Serve

Innovative solutions for events of all sizes.

iSi LIVE is a video and audio live capture, streaming and hosting service that provides automated filming, webcasting, indexing and archiving of meetings and events for municipal corporations and school boards, colleges and universities, legislatures and corporations who wish to provide their citizens, shareholders and audiences with cost effective access and visibility of their events and proceedings.

Unlike high-cost production-oriented companies or independent video services companies, iSi LIVE uses its client-side automated “Feedbox” solution to economically and automatically capture and deliver live HD video through resilient streaming to any sized screen anywhere.

For the past 18 years, iSi LIVE has been providing live webcasting and media hosting services to government and corporate clients. We offer affordable and convenient solutions that bring the end user closer to your event via web-based interaction.

Perfect for municipal governments, AV companies, and event managers, our services provide end users the ability to “Be there”, viewing live content as it happens. This allows our clients to significantly reduce their outreach budgets and improve overall engagement levels at the same time!

Your target audience can’t make your event? No problem, they can stream it online.

They aren’t free to watch it live? Our archived webcasts provide your audience with the freedom and convenience to watch content on-demand at any time.

What it comes down to is, if you have a webcasting or event need, then we have a solution for you.

Here is a list of the services that iSi LIVE provides:

If you’re not exactly sure what your solution is, but think we can help, then please contact us and we will assess how we can best serve you. At iSi LIVE, we pride ourselves in developing innovative solutions for events of all sizes. We broadcast a wide spectrum of events each year, many on short timelines, so just let us know when and what you need help with, and we will develop a solution for you.