At iSi LIVE, we pride ourselves in developing innovative webcasting solutions for all situations. We broadcast a wide spectrum of events each year, many on short timelines, so just let us know when and what you need help with, and we will Be there.

Since 1997, iSi LIVE has specialized in performing live and archived webcasting services for governments, NGO’s and corporations streaming media. Regarding our government services, perhaps because of our chairman’s background in political science and urban planning and participation in government at the federal level, and our president’s military service and participation in government at the federal level, we are passionate about the democratic process of informative government and citizens’ ability to access their local councils’, school boards’ and legislatures’ proceedings. iSi LIVE is constantly striving for new ways to make live webcasting more effective and informative for the viewer.

Here are some examples where our webcasting solutions can be applied:

  • Government meetings such as meetings of federal departments and municipal council meetings
  • School board meetings
  • Corporate events: Meetings, Webinar, and Gala’s
  • Sporting events from university, college, high school and semi-professional games to world-class events
  • Conventions and trade shows
  • Product launches

We have been fortunate to have helped create webcasting solutions for the Governor General of Canada, two Canadian astronauts in space, a dive in the High Arctic where Parks Canada and Royal Canadian Navy divers explored British Royal Navy explorer, Sir John Franklin’s sunken ship HMS Erebus, as well as many cities, towns and universities. Whether your event is in a classroom, or literally out of this world, we are there to help.