iSi LIVE Webcast Solutions

Reach every viewer on every device.

Webcasting is the single most powerful, cost-effective way to communicate with employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

Here are some examples where our webcasting solutions can be applied:

  • Government meetings such as meetings of federal departments and municipal council meetings
  • School board meetings
  • Corporate events such as AGMs, webinars and general announcements
  • Sporting events from university, college, high school and semi-professional games to world-class events
  • Conventions and trade shows
  • Product launches


At iSi LIVE we offer everything from full turnkey to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solutions. This allows us to meet the specific needs of each individual client. If you’re not exactly sure what your webcasting solution is, but are in the market to explore the possibilities of our services, then please contact us and we will assess how we can best serve you.

Fully Integrated Solutions

We specialize in fully integrated webcasting solutions. In other words, we specialize in providing clients with all of the required tools to professionally capture and simultaneously broadcast their event, live, by streaming high-definition video and audio over the internet.

As part of the process, we will bring all production equipment onsite, as well as work with your staging company to produce the perfect high-definition stream of your event.

Interpretation, multiple formats, multiple bitrates, high-definition, and videoconference feeds are all in our capabilities. We can integrate within your exisiting A/V infrastructure and/or provide you with all needed equipment.

We will work both for and with you to produce the best possible product.

Other services that iSi LIVE provides include:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our services.