Archive + Hosting + Video On-Demand

Your content is valuable, and we treat it as such: Safe Storage of your video content.

Whenever you need access to your content, you will have it. Whether your content is for internal or public review, it will be made available live or at the viewer’s convenience on-demand via our archives.

We are able to guarantee that you will always have your content because all content that iSi LIVE hosts is backed up on multiple servers, in physically separate locations. Anything short of an international disaster will not stop your media from being delivered.

iSi LIVE also treats the security of your information with the utmost care. Physical security at our host locations ranges from retinal scanners, to armed security offices. The IP security is equally as stringent and RAID compliant.

Our backbone consists of connections to:

Time Warner Mzima Peer1
AboveNet Verio Global Crossing
Global Crossing Williams Allstream
Ottix Savvis Teleglobe
Level 3 XO Bell

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of our services.