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“Integrate Webcasting in to Your Next School Board Meeting”

Who We Serve – School Boards

Attending a School Board meeting is not always convenient, or even possible for all residents. Help bridge the gap between residents and your School Board by webcasting the following:

  • School Board Meetings
  • Emergency Meetings
  • Media Releases
  • Health and safety messages
  • Budget Meetings
  • Election Coverage
  • Instruction on using government programs
  • Contextual messages, explaining policy

Our live streaming services will allow your residents to review all publicly available content instantaneously, or on-demand at any time via our archived video feature.  We can integrate with a School Board’s existing A/V infrastructure and/or provide you with all needed equipment to produce the best possible product.

ISI supplies webcasting services for several School Board and City Council Meetings across Canada as well as 5 Provincial Legislature