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webinar e-learning webcast

4 tools to Engage your Webcast Audience

4 Tools to Engage your Webcast Audience: In 2016 we post pictures, tweets, create discounts, host events, or write Facebook posts to engage with our audience: But what if you could accomplish all of these things at once to engage multiple people? Well you could host a webcast. But once we decide to host one … Read More »

webinar e-learning webcast

Webcasting Vs. Webinar

Webcasting Vs. Webinar Webcast and Webinar are terms that are often used interchangeably. Even those who have an idea of what these terms mean, can find that while the purpose and implementation are the same, there are still key differences. These web events need to be understood thoroughly to know about them. Here is a … Read More »


Accessibility Webcasting

What we do – ACCESSIBILITY WEBCASTING ISI Live has always prided ourselves on being able to make our webcasts accessible. Until recently we thought “accessibility” was referring to screen size, operating system, device, etc. We had always considered our technology as a conduit for inclusion regardless of the medium – a way for people to … Read More »

European University Hockey League Webcast

Fresh News: Live Stream Broadcasting, which appeared in Slovakia’s Business Soiree‘s November/December issue, stated that HockeyData, iSi’s European partner in its joint corporation, Vektorious, will live stream European University Hockey League’s games in 2016. This webcast opportunity represents iSi’s venture into Europe which  will provide an additional direction for the company outside of Canada. The … Read More »

Meeting Legislature

Transparency in the Municipal Government

Transparency in the Municipal Government Open and honest lines of communication are the cornerstone of any relationship, including the one between the Municipal governments and their public.  “Transparency” has been a term thrown around in all levels of government for some time now, but what does it really mean and what specifically are Canadian municipalities … Read More »

iSi LIVE in Slovakia and Austria

iSi Live had a very exciting and productive fall. We headed to Austria and Slovakia to meet with our fantastic business partners Hockey Data. We have collaborated with this organization to bring Canadians and Europeans the opportunity to live broadcast sports events, as well as have dynamic statistical data displays. In October we met at the beautiful ALTIS RESORT, an … Read More »

iSi LIVE heads to the Allentown, PA!!!

iSi LIVE will be participating in the Pennsylvania Municipal Leagues 116th Annual Convention in Allentown, June 23-25, 2015. ISI be working the tradeshow floor so if you’re in attendance, feel free to stop in and say hello to Brad – our Director of Business Development.

iSi LIVE heads to the Jersey Shore!!!

iSi LIVE will be participating in the APMM/NJMMA on the Jersey Shore in Long Beach, NJ.  The joint conference will be held and the Ocean Place resort and Spa from May 19-21 ISI be working the tradeshow floor so if you’re in attendance, feel free to stop in and say hello to Brad – our Director of Business … Read More »

iSi LIVE heads to Jasper, Alberta

iSi LIVE will be participating in the CAMA 2015 Annual Conference in beautiful Jasper Alberta.  The 44th Annual CAMA Conference will be held in Jasper, Alberta at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge from Monday, June 1st, 2015 to Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015. ISI LIVE will be broadcasting the plenary sessions and can be viewed on the site.  … Read More »

Webcasting from the High Arctic

Our iSi LIVE team just finished a live webcast in the High Arctic’s Northwest Passage where Parks Canada divers explored the wreck of British explorer Sir John Franklin’s ship HMS Erebus which sunk in 1845. All crew members perished. Our technician was streaming the video and audio from a tent on the ice next to … Read More »