True Sport Partnership

iSi LIVE has recently made a commitment to do our part in ensuring that GOOD sport makes a great difference, by joining True Sport. As a proud supporter and communication vehicle of Canadian athletics and the communities that support them, iSi LIVE is a premier provider of live webcasting services and specializes in the online broadcasting and streaming of video and audio of your sport or other event.

By joining True Sport, we have united with millions of other Canadians who believe that sport has the power to instill character in our youth, strengthen our communities and increase opportunities for excellence, but only if it’s done right. At the heart of True Sport are the values of fairness, excellence, inclusion, and fun and a set of seven principles that define the kind of sport experience that Canadians want. 

We believe we have a responsibility to increase access to and promote good sport in Canada – sport that is consistent with the True Sport Principles and ‘includes everyone’ by allowing them to BE THERE.  

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